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Should You Go to University if You’re Not Sure What to Study? main image
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04 Jan 2019

Should you still go to university if you’re not sure what you want to study? We asked people for their thoughts, and here’s what they said…

How Many Universities are There in the World? main image

Think you can guess how many universities there are in the world? We asked around at Summer in the City and the answers were interesting…

Which is the Best University in the World? main image

Do you know which university is the best in the world? We went to Summer in the City to test people’s knowledge…

Top 10 Universities for Graduate Employability 2019 main image

Various the 10 highest ranked institutions for graduate employability, based on the QS Graduate Employability Content 2019.

Tips for Freshers From Jack Edwards main image

Find out what tips YouTuber Jack Edwards has for freshers starting university this autumn, based on his own experiences.

Top 10 Universities in the World 2019 main image

Various the top 10 universities in the world in 2019 – based on the QS World University Content® 2019.