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Scholarships to Study Abroad

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Looking to study abroad but worried about the costs? Good news! There are hundreds of scholarships to study abroad, including general scholarships and more specialized funding schemes. Some are offered by government agencies, some by individual universities, and others by external funding organizations and charitable enterprises.

Searching through all the international scholarships out there can be a pretty mammoth task. But we’ve tried to make this easier by creating lists of scholarships to study abroad, grouped into various categories.

These include lists of international scholarships to study abroad in a particular country, scholarships to study a particular subject, and scholarships targeting particular groups of students. Browse the lists below to see which categories apply to you – and away you go!

For more advice, visit our Scholarship Applications FAQ, or download our complete guide on How to Find Scholarships to Study Abroad.

Region-specific scholarships:

Country-specific scholarships:

Subject-specific scholarships:

Student-specific scholarships:

Note: this page was originally created in June 2013, and is regularly updated with new scholarship listings.


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Hi , my name is Amir and I'm from Tunisia.
I'm studying now in the Medecine university of rabat - Morocco.
I'm looking for full scholarship to continue studying in Morocco . Please help me out with any specific requirement to apply for such scholarships!
Thank you very much in advance

I ask for your support to help me finish my course in Makerere unviersity. I am a South Sudanese pursuing bachelors degree of science in accounting, second year and facing difficulties in raising tuition to complete my course due to the economic status back home. your response to this request will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

I am Marial Daniel Kuol, a refugee in Uganda. I was admitted in Makerere University Business school in 2016 to pursue bachelors degree of science in accounting, but due to on going situation, I am facing difficulties in raising tuition and hostel fees for the new academic year which will commerce on 03 AUG 2018. I am glad when I read about the services you extend to the affected countries. I feel my lost hope will be restored if you put my request under favored consideration.
Thank you.

Hi there, if you haven't already, I'd recommend firstly letting Makere University know about your situation, as they may be able to assist you with finding funding opportunities to be able to continue your studies. You could also check our list of scholarships for African students. Hope this helps, and good luck!

I am a pharmacist from Nigeria.I work with as a volunteer with the Nigeria Center for Disease Control. I want to study MPH Bio statistics on scholarships. Which University will be best for me ?

I am magnitec light planet,earth,,a computer have microscope,i am a microscope word planet,,under me a core magnitec light planet,earth

This is vivek from Mumbai and recently i completed my diploma in aircraft maintenance now i want higher studies at abroad so please someone's guide me how to get please

Hi , my name is Azdasheer and i'm from syria ..
I got my bachelors degree with a 98% full grade .. now i'm studying in the preparatory year for medical colleges ..
I wanna try and get a scholar ship for medecine and anatomy but really and don't know where and how to apply ..could use some here !
Thanks in advance

Hi Azdasheer, to help get you started you could check our list of medical scholarships around the world. Each scholarship provider will have a different application process and should explain this thoroughly on their site, but you can read general advice on how to find and apply for scholarships here. Hope this helps! 

Hi! I am Reneziel from Philippines. I am incoming grade12 student here. And I would like to ask on how to apply for your full scholarship and if you are accepting student from here.

Hi! I am Jean Pierre From Rwanda, I want to study masters in environment sciences.please can you connect me to the universities especially in USA , Canada or Australia.

Hi there! I am a Singaporean Diploma holder and looking for full scholarship to study in Netherlands. Please help me out with any specific requirement to apply for such scholarships!

How to get full scholarahip abroad

Hi Karen, this guide should help. :)

Hi I am Salman Khan from Pakistan i passed my 2nd year and want to study BS English program in foreign country with scholarship. Please tell me the procedure and methods.

respected sir,
I have about 17 years of experience in teaching physics at various levels from school to college. I s there any scholarships for doing ph.d. abroad ?
please let me know.


I am from education support international i have read your blog it's nice to work thank you.

Hello sir,
Can you please tell me best and good University in abroad , where scholarship are also available if not than also but pls help me .... Actually i am in 12 right now , so i have to plan my future it will be kind of you if you help mee....

Hello Good friends, am from Uganda, i have attained Masters in Business Administration (Finance ). I need a fully funded scholarship to pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration Program. Any one of assistance please. studying on line is appropriate for me

HI Ogwal, please take a look at our list of business scholarships around the world and scholarships for African students

hello i'm an Algerian student in Biotechnology and i already have a master in Immunology and Oncology, I looking for a PhD program and i would love if I find a scholarship or an internship

Hey , My name is junaid I wanna study mbbs from good medical college. Could anyone help me plz

Hi Junaid, if you'd like a scholarship to study medicine, we've listed a range of these here. To help you choose a university, you might like to view our latest rankings by subject for medicine. :)

Hey ,
My self manish I wanna ask you that After the 12th class , I have to apply for graduate in US colleges with the help of the TOEFL examination. So what should I do for scholarship? If there is a scholarship for Indian students, Plaese tell me about these kinds of scholarships.

Hi Manish, I've replied to your comment here. :)

I'm from Pakistan and want to study Master in engineering on fully funded scholarship in any good uni abroad.

Hi Kanwal, please take a look at our list of scholarships for engineering students. Good luck with your applications! 


I am Naseem Raza from Pakistan. I need to study master's degree in in Art in foreign countries. In which countries Am I eligible to pursue the Master's degree. I want to get know about scholarship as I am hard of hearing. Could you please advise on my request.

Hi Naseem, please take a look at our list of art scholarships around the world. You might also like to check our list of scholarships for students with disabilities. Hope this helps.

I am Samarin Mujawar from India. I need to study master's degree in computer science in foreign countries. In which countries Am I eligible to pursue the Master's degree. I want to get know about scholarship as I am hard of hearing. Could you please advise on my request.
Thank you in advance.

hi Samarin

Hy I am a Nigerian looking forward to study in USA for my bachelor degree in communication but I also need scholarship advice been that I need to write an exam. I thought TOEFL was one but it's not . also I would appreciate if you could recommend universities for me So please help me out. Thanks

Hi Chinenye, I'm not sure about your question, please could you clarify what you need help with regarding scholarships? Here's a link to our latest rankings by subject for communication - you can narrow the results down to show only US universities. 

Hello, I'm Yaping from China, I'm searching for possible scholarships to pay for my full or partial tuition of my MFA on Film Production with Editing Emphasis program. Unfortunately, these links hardly work for an art student like me. And I'm desperate for anyone can provide any suggestion! Thank you so much.

Hello, my name is Assat, I am fom Kazakhstan. Now I am graduate of #76 high shoool in the capital of Kazakhstan, want to learn about oportunities to enter in university on a gratuitous basis if it is possible. Also, I want to know about requirements and which documents I should provide to enter

I need 100% tuition free universities in Canada for under graduate to study computer science and a
m base in Lagos Nigeria

Hi Roland, I'm afraid there are no tuition free universities in Canada, however you might be able to find a scholarship to study there. We've listed a range of scholarships to study in Canada here. Hope this helps, and good luck with your applications! :) 

Hi, I'm Ssemambo Alex, a Ugandan still in highschool but have have almost no chance of studying university due to economic instability. However, I hope to get a scholarship by 2019 for it is when I will be eligible for University.

Hello All,
I'm Algerian.I've a Master's degree in English.I've specialised in Applied Language Studies.Any fully funded scholarship for me to pursue my PhD or to get another Master's degree in my field?
Thanks in Advance

hallo my name is davis want to get guidelines on how to write awinning essay

Hi Davis, we have an article on this exact topic, written by a previous winner of a QS Scholarship - you can read it here. :)

HI Sabrina,
I have taught special education for close to 20 years, just completed a Masters Of Education a PhD in education with a focus on early literacy, or special education. I am willing to move to complete a PhD, but would prefer a warmer climate that my current home in Canada. Also, if there are Universities that are free, or low cost, this would help. Finally scholarships would also be benefitial. Can you assist me?

Hi Mary, our article 'where can you study abroad for free' could help get you started on finding a low cost study destination, and includes warmer countries like Greece and India.

Its me lubna nazneen from pakistan i have done msc looking for m.phil leading phd scholarships. Can i get scholarships?

Hello world , Am Mithun G studying veterinary final year with grade points 6.9 / 10 from Andhra pradesh , India . I wanna do my P.G in canada . I wanna know about the scholarships & fellowships to which am eligible. My Ielts score is 7.3 ..... can u plzzz suggest me about the scholarships & fellowships that I can get ..... it will be very helpful to me .

Hi Mithun, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Canada - I'm sure you'd be eligible for a fair few of these. :)

Hi , I have done MBA specilization in Banking and Fianance. currently i am doing job in Micro Finance bank in pakistan. I want to get admission in canadian University on scholarship as international student.
Please help me on getting admission on said qualification and country of residence,

Hi Khan, we've listed a selection of scholarships to study in Canada here. :)

Hi i'm Jamaladin from Iran and am a math teacher with 10 years experience . i have master in "mathematics education". I looking for scholarship (PHD). Can anybody help me?