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IESA is an international Art School based in Paris. The institution offers graduate and postgraduate degrees in the art business:  arts management, cultural heritage management, the art market (sales and collecting). These programs are entirely taught in English, and we welcome students from all over the world. The school was founded in 1985 and was officially recognized by French the Ministry of Culture in 1998. 


An international Art school in Paris

 IESA is located in the “cultural center” of Paris, and this gives its art programs a unique educational advantage. Students can follow lessons and lectures in museums and historical sites such as the Louvre. Being close to major artworks and cultural events benefit their education.

In the heart of Paris, IESA has become a cultural meeting ground where both French and foreign students benefit from enriching foreign perspectives, and can build an international network of contacts and friend.


Learning professional skills

Since 1985, IESA has carefully monitored the changing needs of the cultural job market.  Anticipating new developments in cultural careers and taking its students’ objectives into consideration, we have always strived to offer personalized, state-recognized degree programs that will help students make a smooth transition to the job market and find a rewarding career in the cultural sector.   

Its programs combine academic knowledge with practical skills, in the form of internships and projects.  Professors, curators, professionals and consultants all participate in this two-pronged pedagogical approach, designed to train students for the professional world.

IESA’s professional network in France and abroad includes professors (more than 350 per year), partner organizations, and 14,000 alumni.  It allows students to be at the center of artistic and cultural discussions, innovations, and projects, and benefit from useful contacts. 


Career prospects  

Our international art school places a strong emphasis on the professional aspect of the program, which we consider the best guarantee of finding a future job.  For this reason, in addition to their internships, students are encouraged to participate in a range of cultural events. IESA is proud to support a range of prestigious cultural events, and many of our students who work or volunteer at these events end up finding their passion and sometimes, their future career.   

IESA’s graduates occupy positions in the art business as curators, museum educators, art directors, art advisors, luxury brand managers, cultural heritage manager, etc.


Study trips to prestigious cultural destinations

Students have to opportunity to travel to Europe’s most prestigious cultural destinations such as Florence, Berlin, Amsterdam, Venice, etc.

As part of their programs of study, IESA students spend a week each year discovering the cultural heritage of Europe.  These mandatory study tours expand their knowledge of international heritage by exploring artistic and historic cities.  IESA also organizes optional travels throughout the year to give students an opportunity to experience heritage and culture firsthand.  


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