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Anan L
3 years ago
Can you answer this question?

187 Answers

Hey I am from India and I wanted to know can I work when I'm pursuing MS fron canada. What is the chance of getting job after MS from Canada.How are the placements in colleges.Is it easy to get PR after my education.Please reply.I need your help.

Hi Simran, yes, you can work during your studies as well as after (with a post-graduation work permit). You may then be able to become a permanent resident through Express Entry. You can find out more in our article 'How to get a Canadian work visa'. 

Hi There , I am looking forward for a co-op diploma or certificated program in electrical engineering  for 1 or 2 years in Montreal ...any sugesstion ?

Hi, I'm in the same situation as well. If it's possible could you provide me with the info, when find it?

Nice question for me I think CV will lead you to get viza

Education in Kazakhstan.

i would like to follow your footstep. Can you advise me what should i do in singapore?

I have be searching for opportunity to move to Canada. The fees are high and I need your assistance.