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Enomfon J
4 years ago
Can you answer this question?

882 Answers

I am from india i want to finish my high school in germany  school is cheapest for me

good bro

Advantage from an astounding instructive framework to enable you to progress in your vocation, take in another dialect by making new companions and associating with different understudies, and pick up a stunning educational affair to recollect for quite a long time to stop by examining and living as an outside understudy in Germany.

I am really interested in education in Germany. Please connect me here if you have sth interesting to share. Looking forward for new foreign friends.

germany is good. but can choose norway it's free. 

Hello Im from Uzbekistan and Im looking for universities from The europe countries or the US. Reply me please friends

Hi Ahliddin, you can see how the top universities in Europe and the US performed in the latest QS World University Content® here.

ohayo gozaimasu

Can you tell me the information about your tuition

Hi Vishal you can also opt for various other places, with low cost of living and fees inspite Germany. 

Norway is the expensiest place in the world, don't advice it as an opt.