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Ural Institute of Presidential Academy



The Urals Institute of Presidential Academy (former Urals Academy of Public Administration) is a distributed higher educational institution and a recognized leading centre in the Urals Federal District for training and professional development of civil servants and administrative officials. The Urals Institute adopted its present name in 2010 following the merger of the Russian Academy of National Economy and 9 Regional Academies of Public Administration. Its Charter sees the prior goals as fostering the training of highly qualified specialists in Public Administration, Management and Law, enhancing institutional capacity and academic excellence, thus satisfying the needs of Federal and Local Authorities. The main campus in Yekaterinburg counts around 800 students enrolled into full-time programmes and about 2000 part-time students. Additionally around 900 students are enrolled into a variety of professional development programmes and short tailored courses on an annual basis. The Urals Institute has been involved in a number of international cooperation projects since the early 1990s. Since then, the Institute has collaborated with a number of European and International universities on a range of externally funded projects. In sum, the Urals Institute has a record of successful implementation of projects associated with curriculum development, modernisation and research. The Institute is...

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