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University of Riau

28293 Jl. HR Subrantas Pekanbaru, Riau View map


Riau University was established from the desire and shared goals between the community and the local Government of Riau. This desire realized by forming a university Preparatory Committee of Riau (P3TR) in Tanjung Pinang. However, after the capital of Riau province moved to Pekanbaru,and the committee also moved to Pekanbaru. The pioneers of the establishment of the University are Colonel Kaharuddin Nasution, Datuk Wan Abd ar-Rahman, H.s. Soesman and Drs. Sutan Balia. From the great committee was formed Foundation of Riau University , and than established this university. The University was named of Riau University with Foundation Decree of Riau University No.02 / KPTS / JUR / 62 on September 25th, 1962, further strengthened by the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science 123, 20 September, 1963, effective on 1 October , 1962. At that time the university has two faculties, : Faculty of commercial and constitutional Faculty of Teacher Training and Education And next year also opened two new faculties : Faculty of Economicsand Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. Vision: A brilliant research university-based resource development of water area resources and the Malay culture in 2035.

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