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Located at the very heart of England, Northampton is an ancient market town steeped in the social, political and industrial history of the nation. The county of Northamptonshire often referred to as ‘the Rose of the Shires’, is home to more historic houses and stately homes than any other county, base for the British Formula One Grand Prix and a recognised centre of excellence for traditional and innovative artisanal food and drink. Northamptonshire has something for everyone. 

In 1261, Northampton became just the third university to be founded in England, only to be banned by Royal Decree just four years later from ever having a university again – such was the perceived threat amongst academics at the university in nearby Oxford.

Northampton later became famous around the world as the home of prestigious brands of hand-made and bespoke footwear. With a history dating back some 900 years, Northampton’s footwear industry has served some very famous clients including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Darth Vader, Sid Vicious, Jumbo the Elephant and James Bond!

Of course, when you think of living and studying England, the big cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham spring immediately to mind but, as a town, Northampton has advantages, too. 

As a relatively small location, Northampton offers easy access to the picturesque countryside for those who to relax in the great outdoors without the hassle of time-consuming journeys. Yet, we are surrounded by cities – London, Birmingham, Leicester, Cambridge and Oxford are all reachable in under an hour – and served by 5 international airports, offering budget and scheduled flights to all corners of the globe. Compared to life in big cities, students find our accommodation and living costs much more affordable. We offer some of the least expensive university accommodation in the UK and an overall cost of living around half of that faced by students in London. Such savings create great opportunities for you to take advantage of Northampton’s superb air, rail and road links to explore the UK or Europe during your stay.

The may not be the biggest or most famous in the UK but we certainly believe in being different. We are rapidly building a reputation for our innovative teaching and learning style that has ‘de-formalised’ and personalised the higher education experience for our students. For most of us, the image – or memory - we have of higher education, is of the traditional lecture theatre packed with hundreds, if not thousands of students, scribbling notes madly, whilst down on the podium, the lecture holds forth – students, being ‘taught’ in the just same way that students have been taught for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Not in Northampton. For us, mass lectures are ‘old school’. We have harnessed new technology to inject interest and flexibility into the theoretical parts of learning. How does that change things? It liberates you to work where you want, when you want, with whoever you want and be fully prepared to maximise your time in a small group, face-to-face sessions with academic staff. It gives you, the student, a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your teachers, time to explore, challenge and question, whilst leaving space and time for individual support, advice and guidance.

This is a total re-imagining of the student experience. No mass lectures, means no lecture theatres – our teaching rooms are built to accommodate small group sizes. But much of your learning may take place outside of formal classrooms in informal settings, where you can engage with your classmates and teaching staff in a comfortable chair, with a fresh coffee to hand! 

Is there any evidence that our approach to teaching and learning is making any difference for students? In the UK government’s recent Teaching Excellence Framework exercise, the only official ranking of UK universities, the University of Northampton received the highest possible award, TEF Gold. This places us in a small group of universities in the UK, to have achieved this accolade. What does that mean for you, as a student at Northampton? In the words of the assessment panel, the “University of Northampton delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. It is of the highest quality found in the UK.”To facilitate this new style of learning, we have a brand new, purpose-built, high-tech campus, offering the best of both worlds. It’s self-contained with everything you need by way of modern, spacious teaching and learning facilities, libraries, shops, food and drinks outlets, accommodation and recreational facilities all on a compact single campus. But within just a few minutes’ walk you can be at the heart of Northampton’s Cultural Quarter and the town centre, which has been officially awarded a ‘Purple Flag’ rating, meaning our nightlife is judged to be ‘entertaining’, ‘diverse’ and most importantly ‘safe’. Here you will find all the restaurants, bars, cafés, museums, theatres, cinemas and supermarkets that you need to make the most of your spare time.

As a UK university, the medium of instruction is English, so we will need to ask for evidence that your standard of English is high enough to succeed on your course. But we will be as flexible as possible about this, accepting as many tests and local qualifications as we can. If you require additional English tuition to prepare you for your course, our Pre-Sessional English Programmes will develop the skills you need to progress.


The has one main campus, Waterside. It’s just a few minutes’ from the Northampton Cultural Quarter and the town centre and there are supermarkets with easy walking distance. On-campus you will find everything to support your studies and living in Northampton.

The Creative Hub brings together Creative and Science disciplines in a flexible learning space on the banks of the River Nene. It houses our creative, workshop and laboratory specialist teaching spaces.

The Learning Hub houses 24/7 library facilities, superb social, eating and learning spaces and is designed to allow students and staff from different disciplines to work together and to take learning out of the traditional classroom environment.

The Engine Shed, a superbly and sympathetically restored railway engine maintenance workshop, has become the home of our Students’ Union. Our Students’ Union continues to be one of just two that offer all sports and societies free of charge, so you can join in all the fun, without having to worry about the cost. The Students’ Union also operates our town centre nightclub, café, bar and performance venue, The Platform.

The Sports Dome, Pavilion and multi-sport all-weather pitches are used for teaching purposes on our Sports and Exercise courses but also offer superb facilities for you to take part in team sports, whether that’s just for fun or by representing the University in one of the many team sports we play.

The Sports Labs house our specialist Sports performance laboratories and teaching rooms for Sports students.

The International Leather Centre, due for completion in 2020, will be the base for our world-renowned Institute for Creative Leather Technology, home to Europe’s only on-campus working tannery, ground-breaking research and highly specialised teaching in this in-demand subject discipline.

Snack bars, cafés and restaurants can be found throughout the campus but for those wanting to grab and go, there’s also a mini-market and Subway.

However good the facilities, moving abroad to study is not always easy and the quality and ease of access to the support services can make a crucial difference. From the simplest of questions to the most serious of issues, students need to know their university will help them find solutions to their problems. In our Teaching Excellence Framework report the support for students provided at the University of Northampton was described as “outstanding”. That’s because being ‘super supportive’ across every aspect of the student experience lies at the heart of the University of Northampton’s Strategic Plan as one of our three Core Values. Support for all aspects of our students’ lives is easy to access via our one-stop Student Support Help Desk - from mental health support and counselling to immigration problems, from how to practise your faith to managing your budget, from extra personal help with a difficult assignment to free English drop-in classes.

About 12% of the University of Northampton’s student body is international, meaning that, any one time, there are about 1,000 international students studying with us, from as many as 60 different countries. That’s certainly enough for you to be able to find like-minded fellow students for those moments of nostalgia for home or for sharing the enjoyment of common cultural experiences and festivals.

Many nationalities have specific Societies that you could join, too, and they often like to share the differences and excitement of their own cultures, cuisines and festivals with fellow students with events around campus.

With free Societies, Clubs and Sports at the University of Northampton, it’s easy to join in the fun without worrying about the cost. From American Football to Weightlifting, via Cricket and Trampolining; from the Advertising Students’ Society to the Warhammer Society, via Debating and Meditating, the A-Z of extra-curricular activities is huge. And guess what? If the sports club or society you would like to join doesn’t exist, just find five like-minded friends and we will give you a budget to get the idea up and running!

Getting everything organised to come to university in the UK can be time-consuming, so we have extended our accommodation guarantee for international students right up to the end of July. If you want to live right on campus, we have 1,200 spaces at Waterside, where there is a choice of shared town houses, shared apartments and single studios, mostly with private en-suite facilities. Opened only last September, the Waterside Student Village allows some 550 students to live just a few short steps from all the facilities offered on campus. Over 400 places are in 4-storey town houses, the remainder made up of en-suite rooms in shared apartments and some single studio apartments. Just 10 minutes’ walk away, on the edge of Northampton town centre, is our St. John’s Hall of Residence, offering 437 single en-suite, and some single and dual occupancy studios. Our third location lies on the outskirts of Northampton, connected to the main campus by free bus services, offering approximately 1000 twin and single accommodation spaces. In all locations, rent includes all utility bills, wi-fi and cleaning service in the communal areas.

Typically, we expect applicants to Undergraduate programmes to achieve the equivalent of three A Level passes at grades B,C,C. For Masters students, we require the equivalent of a Second Class Honours degree. We accept qualifications from countries worldwide and guidance on acceptability is given on the appropriate Country Pages on our website. To consider your application we require a completed application form (online, via an in-country representative or via UCAS), a copy of the photo page of your passport and evidence of your qualifications achieved to date. There is no application fee, whichever application route you choose.

Our International Scholarship scheme automatically allocates a tuition fee discount of up to 30% for students with high levels of academic achievement. These scholarships are available to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students, are unlimited in number and apply for all years of your on-campus tuition. 

The relevance of employability statistics isn’t always evident to international students, who rightly point out that they are not counted in the figures and, in any case, are likely to be returning to their home country on graduation. But if a university can help its Home and EU students stand out in the employment market, it seems reasonable to assume the same will apply wherever students are being selected for jobs. 

The has built on our global reputation as a leader in social innovation to create a unique employability offer that we believe will ensure that our Graduates will stand out from the crowd and become highly employable, digitally literate, global citizens of the future.

At Northampton, we are committed to developing graduates who are not only qualified to get their first graduate job but who have also developed the skills and attributes they need to progress onwards as their career develops. With a strong set of employability skills and Changemaker attributes, a Northampton graduate has a secure base for their future. At Northampton, both Employability and Changemaker are embedded in the curriculum and this is further supported by the extensive range of extra and co-curricular initiatives to enhance students’ employability and social entrepreneurship skills.

The Changemaker Hub works with students before, during and after their studies to develop and enhance employability through Changemaker. Finishing university with a good degree is great, graduating with a well-rounded and complete set of employability skills is even better.

Experiential learning is important to our students as a valuable part of their development. Whilst, we work with students to equip them with the skills and mind-set for employment, time spent working in a business or community environment provides the practical element of our students’ skills and personal development. Through our extensive network of relationships with business and community organisations, we help students to help students secure work placements with blue-chip companies such as Burberry, Ted Baker, Mercedes, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Aston Martin. No surprise that our Employability Service has won a national accolade as ‘Overall Winner for Developing Employability’ and the University boasts an outstanding record of at least 94% employability for 10 years running. 

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