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Mondragon University

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MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is a young university, created in 1997 and officially recognised by Law 4/1997 of 30th May. The University was created by the association of three educational cooperatives, with the guarantee of an extensive career and experience in the world of education, these were Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa “Jose Mª Arizmendiarrieta” S.Coop., ETEO S.Coop. and Irakasle Eskola S.Coop MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY is deeply-rooted in the Basque Country and is committed to the Basque language and culture, whilst, at the same time, being open to the changes demanded by the 21st century society. Our educational model is based on values such as innovation, humanism, solidarity and cooperation. By establishing a non-profit cooperative, we make it easier for students to economically access our University and for them to finance their own studies. The idea is to enable everyone who wants to take part in our educational model to do so, regardless of their economic situation. The mainstay of our educational offer is the practical orientation of the studies; the knowledge and skills taught can be used directly in a real professional activity.

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