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Business and Entrepreneurship Scholarships Around the World

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Whether you’re a prospective or current business student, a budding entrepreneur or interested in studying any FAME subject (financeaccountingmanagement or economics), it’s likely that you’ll find at least one scholarship you’re eligible for below…

To study in multiple locations:

  •  – Various scholarships for international students studying the Global BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program at ESSEC Business School’s branch campuses in Singapore or France, including the Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  •  – Scholarships for women in business to gain funding for university. Open internationally for study in any .
  •  – Business scholarships for New Zealand citizens active in the business industry to study internationally and improve their business skills.
  •  – Scholarships are available for both  and master's programs at the business school's campuses in India, Singapore, Sydney and Dubai.

To study in Asia-Pacific:


  • – Undergraduate scholarships for Chinese students to study at Monash University in Australia in the faculty of business and economics.
  • – Merit-based scholarships for undergraduate international students to study business information systems/technology at Curtin University’s Curtin Business School.
  • – Undergraduate and graduate scholarships for international students from selected countries in Asia and Europe to study at the University of Queensland in Australia within the faculty of business, economics and law (excluding the MBA). Follow these links for , , ,  and  students.

New Zealand

  • – Merit-based scholarships for international students studying a business-related master’s degree (accounting, marketing, management etc.) at the University of Auckland’s business school in New Zealand. The dean of the school also offers a dedicated scholarship for Asian students, detailed .

To study in Europe:


  •  – Undergraduate scholarships for non-EU/EEA students to study a bachelor’s program in business or economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.


  •  – Merit-based scholarships and tuition waivers for international students at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics in Spain. Eligible programs include the nine-month master’s degree in economics, finance and data science.


  • – Business school scholarships for students accepted to a business school masters program at Newcastle University in the UK. No separate application required.
  •  Master’s degree business scholarships for students at the University of Hull’s business school in the UK.
  • – Graduate scholarships for business students studying a selected master’s program at Exeter University.
  • Graduate Business School Scholarships @ University of Aberdeen – Various merit-based scholarships to study a graduate-level program at the University of Aberdeen’s business school. Open to UK and international students.
  • – Various scholarships available for students of all nationalities to study business at the University of Leeds. They also offer a range of . 
  • – Various scholarships for international students to study at City University London’s Cass Business School on an undergraduate program.
  • – International business school scholarships for all undergraduate programs at the University of Reading’s Henley Business School.
  •  – Graduate scholarships for UK/EU master’s students of selected business and management programs at the University of York.
  • – Various undergraduate scholarships for UK and international students to study at Manchester Business School. Emphasis on social responsibility. A QS Scholarship is also available from this school.
  •  – Master’s scholarships open to students at Warwick Business School on a wide range of FAME subjects, including finance and international business.

To study in North America:


  • – International scholarships for Canadian students studying a business-related subject at undergraduate level in Canada.
  • – Merit-based scholarships for international students to study a Bachelor of Business Administration program at HEC Montréal. No separate application is required.


  • – Scholarships for international students to study in the US on a degree related to the study of fraud. Accepted subjects include business administration, accounting, finance and criminal justice.
  • – Undergraduate scholarships for business majors and STEM students in the US. US residents only.
  • – Business scholarships for Native American students wishing to study at an accredited university in the US.
  • – Scholarships for business majors to fund their studies at Iowa State University in the US. Open to undergraduate and graduate students.
  •  – US scholarships for female students studying finance in the SanFrancisco Bay Area at undergraduate level.
  • – Scholarships for minority students to study in the US at undergraduate level on a business or engineering program. Funded by GE.
  • – US scholarships for students interested in pursuing careers in interactive entertainment (e.g. video game development). Possible subjects of study include business, leadership, law, marketing and public relations.
  •  – Scholarships for business majors with leadership skills in the US to gain partial funding for their studies. Computer science and mathematics majors also eligible.

Entrepreneurship scholarships

  • – Entrepreneurship scholarships for students currently enrolled in a US or UK higher education institution, who show academic excellence/entrepreneurial potential.
  • – A scholarship for a UK resident enrolled full-time as an undergraduate or postgraduate student in the country, who shows academic excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.

In the US:

  • – Two US$5,000 scholarships are available for US college or graduate students interested in pursuing careers as entrepreneurs.
  •  – Undergraduate and graduate scholarships for student entrepreneurs in the US.
  •  – Business and entrepreneurship scholarships for business majors in the US to gain funding for a business venture. Students must be studying business, economics or finance.
  •  – US scholarships for young entrepreneurs studying at undergraduate level.
  •  – Undergraduate scholarships for budding social entrepreneurs wishing to study in the US at New York University (NYU) on a related program.

Students with entrepreneurial experience and interests can also apply to the QS Leadership Scholarship, worth US$10,000 towards the costs of a postgraduate program, and exclusive to attendees of the QS World Grad School Tour. See the full list of QS Scholarships here.

This article was originally published in April 2015. It was updated in July 2018.

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Hello, is it possible to know if there are scolarship specificly for non-EU citizens for Post-graduate programs / Master. Thank you

I am Ajibade from Nigeria,I recently graduated with Msc in Business Administration and will like to pursue my PhD in Business management,Entrepreneurship Management or Human Resources Management with Scholarships from universities in Asia Countries.

Hi Ajibade, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Asia. You might also like to download our complete guide on how to find scholarships to study abroad. Hope this helps!

Hello , please let me know about any master degree for physiotherapy or rehabilitation management in Berlin , in English language and in which university

Hello Laura, I am 39 year-old lady from Iran and graduated recently in marketing management , my average is 90 out of 100 and I would like to go for scholarship which is full funded. is there any possibility to find any university in Canada to give scholarship to international students above 40'? thanks for your respond in advance

hello, my name is Oladipo,i'm from Nigeria and am currently seeking admission in Brandon University at Canada because that's the cheapest we could find as my parents aren't financially strong. I just wanted to know if I could find a better school or obtain a scholarship. Please render help if you can.

Hi Oladipo, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Canada. Hope it's useful!

Am Francis from Ghana, is there any scholarship for 2016. business course

the SBE international to study in maastricht university in Netherlands is not working!

Hi Dahlia, sorry about that - the link seems to have stopped working. I've fixed it now, and

Hello, so i'm in my third year studying business in my college (majoring in finance and accounting), i want to complete my 4th year in any university in Canada or other European country, is that possible? I study at the AAST (arab academy for science and technology and maritime transport) in Egypt. Or at least, after i'm done with college, i want to do something (not sure of its name) that takes 1 0r 2 years i guess and then gives me the degree that i graduated from that college/university instead of AAST. Is that possible either?