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Various the top universities in each world region, with QS’s dedicated rankings of universities in Latin America, Asia, the Arab region and the BRICS countries. Each of these university rankings has been developed with regional priorities and challenges in mind, aiming to facilitate meaningful comparison and highlight excellence in higher education across the globe.

QS's regional rankings focus on comparing universities within similar contexts, providing meaningful and in-depth comparison tools for prospective students. Click on the links below for the latest editions of each regional ranking, and compare the top universities in each of these dynamic world regions.


QS University Content: Asia

The QS University Content: Asia shines a spotlight on the highest-performing institutions in this fast-changing region.

QS Content: Asia

QS University Content: Arab Region

Compare top universities in the Arab nations with the world's first ranking for the region, piloted in 2014 and extended in 2015 and 2016.

QS Content: Arab Region

Follow the progress of the strongest universities in the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

QS Content: BRICS

QS University Content: Latin America

Various the best universities in Latin America with QS's dedicated ranking, launched to reflect the fast pace of development in this region. 

QS Content: Latin America

QS University Content: EECA

Explore the top 200 universities in Emerging Europe & Central Asia, with this dedicated regional ranking.

QS Content: EECA