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What is QS Stars?

QS Stars is an opt-in university rating system. Participating universities are evaluated in a broad range of categories, receiving a Star rating out of five for each category, as well as an overall rating. The aim is to help prospective students get an in-depth picture of the strengths of different universities – covering everything from research and employment outcomes, to social responsibility and inclusiveness.

QS Stars Student Photo Challenge

Are you studying at a QS Stars rated university? If not, here’s your chance to bring recognition to your college a reader new QS Stars Student Photo Challenge. Now open on Instagram, you can share your pictures related to the following indicators:

QS Stars Student Photo Challenge: Terms & Conditions

Competition dates

The contest begins on 16 February 2016 at 8am GMT and ends on 27 May at 6pm GMT.


The contest is open to any student, enrolled in a full- or part-time course of a higher education institution (business school or university) and to any young graduate who has finalized his/her studies in the last calendar year.

Rating Universities on Facilities: QS Stars

The QS Stars university rating system provides a comprehensive and in-depth framework within which to rate and compare universities’ performance across a broad spectrum of criteria. Each institution covered by QS Stars is assessed on a number of core categories, relating to teaching, research, graduate employability and internationalization. Specialist and advanced criteria are also considered, as well as a set of criteria relating to the learning environment provided.

Rating Universities on Online/Distance learning: QS Stars

Within the detailed assessment framework provided by the QS Stars university rating system, universities receive a rating for the learning environment they provide. This is assessed either by considering universities’ on-campus facilities, or by evaluating their provision of online and distance learning options.

Universities assessed for online and distance learning receive a total score out of 100, based on the following:

Rating Universities on Arts & Culture: QS Stars

The QS Stars university rating system provides a detailed framework within which to assess and compare universities’ performance across a wide spectrum of criteria. As well as assessing core components such as teaching, research, graduate employability and internationalization, QS Stars also allows universities to opt to be evaluated on several “advanced” criteria. These include innovation, engagement with local communities and global issues, commitment to extending access to higher education, and involvement with arts and culture.

Rating Universities on Inclusiveness: QS Stars

Universities assessed by the QS Stars university rating system can choose to be assessed as specialists in two of four advanced categories. These are: innovation, engagement with local communities and global issues (i.e. social resonsibility), involvement with arts and culture, and commitment to extending access to higher education by measuring inclusivity.

QS Stars Business Schools

QS Stars Business Schools is a rating system providing an in-depth evaluation of business schools on a range of key performance indicators. Developed from the QS Stars Universities rating system, QS Stars Business Schools uses a methodology designed to assess criteria of particular relevance for institutions specializing in business education.

More than 100 Universities Rated by QS Stars

More than 100 universities worldwide have now signed up to the QS Stars rating system.

This new service rates universities' performance in teaching, graduate employability, innovation, access, facilities and community engagement.

Institutions range from world leaders like King’s College London, University of New South Wales and Nanyang Technological University, to small institutions that have seized the opportunity to gain international recognition for the areas in which they excel.

Five of the Best Universities for Teaching: QS Stars

Various five of the world’s best universities for teaching quality, according to the QS Stars university rating system.

One of the major touchstones of quality for any university is its standard of teaching, yet it is an area that university rankings have always found difficult to measure.

The QS Stars test for teaching hinges on four criteria: overall student satisfaction, satisfaction with teaching, the proportion of undergraduates who go on to further study, and student-faculty ratio.