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University of Zanjan

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Iran, Islamic Republic of


After 42 years, the University of Zanjan has been developed in different fields and has been ranked as one the top comprehensive public universities in Iran. Although it was established as an agricultural higher education institute in 1974, today it has been developed in four main faculties, including Agriculture, Engineering, Humanities and Science, which comprise over 38 departments (35 educational and 3 research departments). This public university has 284 undergraduate and postgraduate (master & PhD) courses with 415 permanent and full time academic members who have been educated from high ranked international and national universities, and they are dedicated to teaching, research and consultancies. Students enroll in this university after being selected competitively through the national scientific exam. At present, this university has 10000 full time students. The University of Zanjan is committed to provide a pleasant environment for learning and to contribute to both scientific knowledge and the development of societies at local, national and international levels. The University of Zanjan is located in an area of 400 hectares, at the north west of Iran. Zanjan is one of the historical cities of Iran and is located in 330 km away from the capital city of Tehran.


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