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National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences

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The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) is a multidisciplinary institute for patient care and academic pursuit in the field of mental health and neurosciences. NIMHANS is synonymous with providing high standards of clinical care, quality training and cutting-edge research in the frontier areas. Combined priorities for comprehensive patient care, manpower development and research, stem from the commitment to an integrated and multidisciplinary approach which addresses societal needs. The advances in genomics, computational neuroscience, mathematical modelling, neuroimaging, molecular biology and a host of new disciplines including public health, are being translated to help humanity in need and promote the growth of knowledge. Since its founding, NIMHANS has been committed to training and mentoring the next generation of leaders in mental health and neurosciences, providing a wealth of opportunities for physicians, nurses, psychologists, psychiatric social workers and speech and language therapists. These talented men and women, in turn, lend fresh and innovative perspective on how to treat and care for patients. Every year, 250-300 full time students cross the portals of NIMHANS and 3500-4000 students are offered brief training. We offer courses in addition to holding training workshops, CMEs and conferences.

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