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Zaman University was founded in 2010 by Mr. Ali Kokten, who is the former Chairman of Zaman International School (ZIS), which had two campuses at that time: A high school and a kindergarten & primary school. The success of both campuses has convinced ZIS to extend its mission to contribute further to the development and improvement of education in Cambodia. The success story of the Zaman International Schools has consistently inspired the educational sector in Cambodia in terms of providing quality education at all levels since 1997. The global world in which we live today is being shaped up by extraordinary individuals. Meeting the challenges and opportunities of an interdependent world will require versatile intellectual competence and uncompromising commitment. Those who thrive in and contribute to this world will have a solid sense of who they are, and respect for who others are, as individuals, as members of a group, as citizens of their nation, and as members of a global community. They will have a rigorous academic preparation and passion to become the best they can be and to help others reach their best potential.

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