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Nahda University Leads an influential role in the field of education, since its establishment in 2006, to undergraduate which spreads from the south to the north of the country as a result of its outstanding position in the East Beni Suef and having a lot of potential of human and material resources which help to distinguish this performance. The role of the university and its impact has extended to the surrounding environment as the region witnessed an unprecedented cultural leap that was testified by everyone. To complete the role of the university in the service of society and the environment, it was necessary to establish an entity that manages and organizes these activities and services in a manner that ensures the benefits of the university, the citizens and the surrounding environment through the diversity and multiplicity of outstanding and desirable services. The Continuing Education, Training and Services Center is considered as a model to do this task through a good organization which takes advantage of the university possibilities, adds physically and morally to it and serves many ones of the recipients of the various types of services.

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