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Al Neelain University



Al Neelain University was established as an extension of the Khartoum branch of Cairo University in 1993.

The Faculty of Medicine and Biological Sciences was created on the 3rd of August 1998.

The initial batch was accepted for the academic year 98/99 and the duration of the study altogether is 6 years. It was set up each of the high schools of nursing and dentistry and physiotherapy in the years 2003 and 2005, respectively, in 2013 they were promoted to the faculties of those schools stand alone

In 2013 Bashaeer Hospital joined the Faculty to contribute to the educational process and the provision of health services to patients. Up to now, the college has seen the graduation of 13 batches and more than 800 students

Proud of the college of possessing a proven track record of graduates pioneers who were able to pass the national , regional and international programs smoothly and easily, and have proven themselves in all training programs in America and Europe and various Arab countries,, and finished to successful doctors and developers to the field .

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