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ESIEE PARIS: RENOWNED SCHOOLS OF ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Founded in 1904, ESIEE Paris comprises 2 schools : ESIEE Engineering and ESIEE Management. ESIEE Paris offers Masters programmes taught in English* : a 2-year Masters degree in Engineering and a Master programme in Management. ESIEE Paris is a hub of higher education and research focused on all aspects of technological innovation and a founder member of the newly-created "Universite Paris-Est". - ESIEE Engineering opens the door to a variety of professional careers in the fields of computer science, electronics, telecommunications and embedded systems. - ESIEE Management works at the interface of Management and Technology. The M.Sc. MOTIS adds to our portfolio in this niche of the higher education market to answer the demand for internationally-focussed project managers. Around 1.100 students supervised by 95 academics are registered at ESIEE Paris. 200 to 250 Masters Degrees are awarded each year. 45 students are studying for a PhD in the ESIEE labs. ESIEE Paris is a member of the "Conference des grandes ecoles francaises". * Other Masters taught in French are also accessible to international students.

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