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Universidad Nacional de Entre Rios



The Argentinian university is located in the city of Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos – a proud area with its own heritage and history. In fact, to distinguish citizens from Uruguayan nationals, people from Concepción del Uruguay are called uruguayenses, while Uruguayans are known as uruguayos.

Founded in May 1973, the National University of Entre Ríos, today its educational focus is in the sciences with faculties including: bromatology; administration sciences; engineering; agricultural sciences; food sciences; economic sciences; education sciences; health sciences and social work.

The university has two fully equipped sports campus’ in Concordia and Oro Verde, and there’s a sports beach at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Concepción del Uruguay. Students can enjoy soccer, basketball, handball and volleyball.

When venturing off campus, Cambacuá Island (23km in length) is supposed to be worth a visit. Described as a floating oasis on the Uruguay River, in front of the Puerto Island, a few minutes from the city. In Isla Cambacuá, the beaches are wide, with gentle slopes, and clean, white sands.

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