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International College of Music Please visit or International College of Music (ICOM) is the premier college of contemporary music in Malaysia and the Asian region offering formal education in contemporary music, audio production and music business at an undergraduate level. Established in November 1995, the college opened its doors to its first intake in January 1996. The college received an intake of 16 students for the first semester of operations and another 16 in its second semester. With a total of 30 students pursuing an education in the highly specialised field of music, the college successfully completed its first year of operations. Currently, ICOM has 200 students registered in its programmes. Our courses meet the demands of the music industry, which is looking for qualified music professionals to take on the challenging roles of arranger, songwriter, producer, engineer, performer, manager, entrepreneur and a host of other creative positions. Graduates of ICOM are readily accepted by the music industry as our students are well prepared to meet the needs and demands of a thriving industry.

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