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Geneva Business School

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Geneva Business School is committed to higher education, enabling students to complete their education with a Swiss Quality degree, a unique opportunity that strengthens their chances to consolidate their journey towards becoming a future leader. 

GBS provides an educational platform for budding business minds around the world, thus preparing students for the world of Business Administration and Finance. We encourage them to develop their unique potential and become a productive member of society. 

Our goals are to provide educational programs that provide essential support services for creative activities and research projects. Nurture student's potential for leadership, encouraging and developing their skills, knowledge and confidence. Continuously developing educational programs for both professional advancement and personal enrichment. 

                                                                                                 What makes us UNIQUE?


                                                                      Swiss Quality Education and UK Accredited Degree 

                                 GBS combines the best of two worlds, Swiss quality private education and UK state accreditation.

                                                                                             Global Campus Network 

                            Various different international destinations by applying for our worldwide campus transfer opportunities.

                                                                                  Guaranteed Internship Opportunities 

                              Kick-start you professional career by taking advantage of our excellent internship placement services.

                                                                                              Cutting Edge Programs 

                                               GBS is committed to the use of new and innovative learning methodologies.

                                                                                                 Professional Faculty 

                         With a majority of European and US professors, our faculty members have top-management working experience of over 20 years.

                                                                                                   Tailored Programs 

                                             GBS students benefit from made-to-measure programs and flexible schedules.

                                                                                               Personalized Coaching 

                                                            We offer personalized mentoring and support from start to finish.

                                                                                                 Individual Attention

                                                                       Smaller class sizes ensure a personalized attention.

                                                                                    Successful International Network 

                   We are proud of our successful global alumni network that currently work in some of the world’s top corporations and organizations.

                                                                                                  Digital Education

                                GBS promotes digital learning and the use of new technologies inside and outside the classroom.


Geneva Business School adopts the European approach of using ECTS credits. The international nature of GBS has led to the development of a system that combines the ECTS credits with a curriculum structure that is commonly implemented in the United States. Each program major allows students to study general education, core and elective subjects, which cover 80% of all curriculums, 20% dedicated to the specific Major related subjects. The Orientation subjects are unique for each Program Major.

Orientation Subjects

  • Finance.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Hospitality Management.
  • International Management.
  • International Relations.
  • Oil and Gas Management.
  • Sports Management and marketing.


Programs available

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Business Administration

Postgraduate Faculties/Departments and Programs

Business Administration


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