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Vishal P
1 year ago
Can you answer this question?

10 Answers

Hi Vishal ,You want to enroll for which programme. is there any specification or desired course you are looking for - And for Canada there is an latest update by which you can apply easily. 

Hey, you should give the IELTS EXAM. All the necessary information about the exam is posted at this link . I hope the information was useful.

Hi iam from Pakistan I have to study MBBS @ FOREIGN scholarship please guide me about this.

He has already given the IELTS exam.

Join IELTS classes and get all the information and knowledge about PG program in Canada

Why you want to complete your post graduation from other country if you live in India. There is a great scope after completing your post graduation. If you give iit jam exam then you can get admission in IITs and IISC. IIT JAM Exam is conducted for even subjects. Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biological Science Biotechnology Mathematical Statistics Geology It you want to complete your post graduation (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) from the above subjects then you can apply for IIT JAM Exam. Thank You!!

But Tripti.. It is not easy to get admission in IIT colleges.....

Want to find a job related to hardware and security right? ( )