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Albert T
1 year ago
Topic: Contrary
Can you answer this question?

18 Answers

For the first job, you can easily create the template in word. Because at starting level you dont have that much experience,and learning .So you can keep it simple.

Hello, usually your university has many helpful resources/guidance on resume building.

Really helpful tips here, personally, when I was applying for my first job, I couldn'r wrap my mind around it all, now I just update it and I am good.

I'd love just to add that you should make sure you've proofread everything. Should making a typo cost you a job? Well, that depends pretty much on the actual job you are doing or your are applying for. If you make a living painting walls, no problem. But in the trade? I once had a proofreader applying for a job at who misspelled my name. Not a good start.

First of all, Describe yourself. Then describe your studies. Next, describe your personal details.