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Anan L
4 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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I need your help ANAN

Hello, Anan L what an inspirational story, I'm happy to read you because I'm trying to do the same and I've been looking for some programs in different colleges, I'm a computer science engineer, I just graduated and I would like to study a program to get specialized as a Programmer-Analyst or as a Database Administrator so If you could help me with some recommendatios or advices about some colleges or programs you know I'd be really thankful.
Thank you!
Best regards, Edgar Mendoza! :)

Hello, I am from Bangladesh and a business graduate and I graduated on September, 2017. I have no work experience and I wanted to pursue my Masters degree in business. I will sit for the IELTS exam by January 2018. I won't give GMAT exam. Is it possible to get permanent residency being a business graduate? Moreover, My cgpa is below 3. Is it possible to get scholarship? It will be harder for my family to bear all the tution fees. Is it possible to manage tution fee and living cost? Which is the most demanding subject related to business in Canada?

Firstly you have to sit ielts exam and score highly. afterwards if it got the best band score in ielts like 7,8 you can get a scholarship in any country

Hey I am from India and I wanted to know can I work when I'm pursuing MS fron canada. What is the chance of getting job after MS from Canada.How are the placements in colleges.Is it easy to get PR after my education.Please reply.I need your help.

Hi Simran , you are allowed to work 20 hrs / week during your studies and full time during break + 3 yrs Work permit after course completion - Bhumika

Hi Bhumika,
I got an admission letter from HEC Montreal for one year MBA and want to know more about job prospects for non-French speaking people in Quebec. Can you please provide some insights on this.

Hi Simran, yes, you can work during your studies as well as after (with a post-graduation work permit). You may then be able to become a permanent resident through Express Entry. You can find out more in our article 'How to get a Canadian work visa'. 

please tell me can I work in Canada if I study in college for any course which has 1 year duration & a part time course

Hi There , I am looking forward for a co-op diploma or certificated program in electrical engineering  for 1 or 2 years in Montreal ...any sugesstion ?