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Anan L
4 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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I have be searching for opportunity to move to Canada. The fees are high and I need your assistance.

Hallo Anan, my name is Getrude from Kenya. I am highly interested in studying in Canada from September 2018. Please guide me on how to go about it in terms of the requirements and what I should pay attention to 

Hi Gertrude, Selma and Mit, our complete guide on how to study abroad in Canada should help to get you started, including information on admission requirements and how to apply. :)

Hi anan im  interested too in studying in canada . please can u answer my request... 
thank u 

I am also planning for studying in Canada from September 2018.

what kind program can someone apply to study in the colleges?

Thanks for the information. Normally If I face any kind of problem, then I browse study country. In future I will face any problem or need any kind of suggestion, then I will contact you.

Hi Anan,

          I need your assistance, and I hope I get more than my expectations.