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Anan L
5 years ago
Can you answer this question?

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Hi Anan, I would like to do my masters in Quebec. I have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. Could you help me to find a college and procedures to get an admission. 

The universities from Canada are preferred by more than 130,000 international students yearly. Offering a high-quality teaching system, Canada is also rich in possibilities and cultures. Research, scientific publications and international collaborations are three of the aspects that Canada and its universities focus on. Compare 2,315 Masters in Canada Want to go straight to reading about Canadian student visa requirements for your country? Check out a few examples below: please more detail how about study in CANDA and live in canada permanent.

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Hi.this is Arman from Bangladesh. i had pay $200 initial fee of my Registration to my "DEC" program "Hotel Management Techniques" in fall 2018 at "lasalle College"(Montreal,Quebec)few days ago.i have no ielts before. what is your instruction about language program for international students in invitation letter? can you give me special recommendation in my invitation letter so that visa office give me study permit?is there have any option in your invitation details? can you reply me in details please. i will wait for your response...

You received Any Reply From lasalle College? Inform me. 

Hello Anan , I would like to have some more info about the course you took. tks.