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Where to Find Cheap Holiday Deals Online

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From obtaining a working holiday visa in Australia or New Zealand to renting a campervan for a month, there are about a million ways you could travel the world without breaking the bank, so even if you’ve struggled to save any money for the holidays, you could still have a fantastic time. Finding those sweet holiday deals isn’t always easy though, which is why we’ve done the legwork for you and found a series of fantastic cheap holidays available from various holiday providers. Book now before they go!

1. Spend a weekend in Amsterdam for less than US$200

You should be able to fly to Amsterdam for as little as ≈US$150 if you book through , a network of airlines selling discount tickets to students. The price of a in Amsterdam should be ≈US$60. Once you’re in Amsterdam, don’t forget to sample Dutch delicacies, like Patatje Oorlog, and explore its red light district, notorious “coffee shops” and canals.

2. Work and travel in the Antipodes

If you’d like to live Down Under for a few months but haven’t got the funds, agencies such as STA Travel sell “starter packs” to students interested in working abroad for a short while. For ≈US$452, they’ll help you obtain a 12-month working holiday visa, do your taxes for you, sort out your superannuation refund and even help you land short-term jobs in the country. If you’re interested in working in New Zealand, their starter packs are even cheaper. From ≈US$227, you’ll get all of the above. Read more .

3. Fly to Reykjavik for less than US$200

You should be able to find a return ticket to Iceland for no more than ≈US$200, if you book through . When there, you might want to book an AirBnb and split the bill with your mates or book a bed in one of the city’s , where you’ll be likely to meet fellow travelers from around the world. In terms of food, we strongly urge you to buy supplies at a local supermarket and cook your own meals, as the Icelandic capital can be very expensive.

4. Hit the road in a campervan

Jump into your campervan, turn up the music and savor your freedom. There’s no need to pay for a hostel when you’ve got a campervan, which should set you back ≈US$26 per head, although you might be able to score a month pass through . Some of the most Instagram-friendly campervan spots on the West Coast to include in your itinerary at all costs are the glitz, glamour and free parking spaces of Las Vegas, Nevada’s stunning black rock desert and the twinkling shores of Santa Barbara.

5. Bag a return to Hanoi

You should be able to find cheap returns to Hanoi at a discounted rate through from ≈US$660. Once you’re there, you should be able to get by on little to no money, ≈US$40 a day including accommodation, if you budget and travel by bus.

Spend six days in Peru hiking on the Andes mountains with a tour guide, mules and your mates for through STA travel. You can also fly to Peru and back from a little over US$1,000, if you book through .

7. Marvel at South Africa’s natural wonders

You can fly to Johannesburg, and back, for less than ≈US$500, if you book through , and once you’re there, you could probably get away with spending less than US$80 a day, if you budget. You’d be sorry to miss Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich flora and dazzling panoramic views just off the coast.

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