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TOPUNIVERSITIES starting university by date
25 Reasons to Study Abroad main image
20 Mar 2018
Need any more reasons to study abroad? Check out these 25 ways in which studying abroad will transform your life for the better.
Six Things People Don’t Tell You About Leaving Home for University main image
27 Oct 2017
You'll have heard all the amazing things about going to university, but there are some bad aspects to watch out for too...
How to Beat the Back-to-School Blues main image
13 Oct 2017
Struggling to adapt to being back at university? Here are some tips to help.
TOPUNIVERSITIES starting university by date
Top Ten Tips for Starting University  main image
27 Sep 2017
Follow these top tips and you'll have a fantastic start to your university experience.
14 Tweets Every Fresher Can Relate To main image
27 Sep 2017
Starting university as a fresher? These should feel painfully familiar.
How to If you are Academically for Starting University main image
21 Aug 2017
Classes at university can be a big step up from what you learned at school, so it’s important you do everything possible to hit the ground running.
Freshers’ Week Will Be Underwhelming, But That’s OK main image
10 Aug 2017
Freshers’ week can feel like a big deal, but don’t put yourself under too much pressure in your first week of term.
My Freshers’ Week Regrets main image
01 Aug 2017
What I would change about my freshers’ week experience.