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TOPUNIVERSITIES best apps by date
17 Jan 2019
Check out these great fitness apps to help you stick to your 2019 resolutions!
Best Time-Management Apps for Students main image
10 Jan 2018
Find out which apps you can download to up your game in time management and be more productive!
10 Apps to Download If You Want to Change the World main image
08 May 2017
Helping to make the world a better place is easier than you’d think. Start making a difference and give something back by downloading these amazing apps.
TOPUNIVERSITIES best apps by date
7 Free Apps You Need When Studying in Montréal main image
17 Feb 2017
Studying in Montréal? Download these 7 free apps right now… 
Best Health & Safety Apps for Students main image
16 Feb 2016
Various some of the best health and well-being apps for students, from keeping fit to staying safe. 
5 Essential Apps for Students in London main image
18 Aug 2015
Preparing to start university in the UK capital? Check out these useful apps for students in London – covering everything from travel to take-out.