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TOPUNIVERSITIES accommodation by date
Reasons Why You Should Live at Home During University main image
24 Aug 2018
Find out why living at home with the fam during uni could actually be perfect for you.
Useful Tips for Finding Accommodation for Your Second Year at University main image
21 May 2018
Not got your place for second year sorted yet? Here are some tips on where to look and who to choose to live with.
Top Tips for Choosing Your Housemates at University main image
27 Apr 2018
Make sure you don't end up in housemate hell by following these top tips when choosing who to live with.
TOPUNIVERSITIES accommodation by date
Pros and Cons of Living with Your Parents While at University main image
21 Mar 2018
Living at home with your parents might save you money, but at what cost?
How to Choose Who to Live with in Second Year main image
30 Jan 2018
Figuring out who to live with can be tough. Here are some suggestions.
How to Find a House for the Second Year of University main image
11 Dec 2017
Starting to house-hunt for next year? Katie shares some advice from her experience of studying in London.
5 of the Most Scenic Student Flats in London main image
26 Jul 2017
Imagine waking up every morning to some of the best views in the city of London every day. Live here and it could be possible.
How To Avoid a Student Accommodation Nightmare main image
31 Mar 2017
Mould...cramped bedrooms...mice...make sure you live in student heaven rather than student hell by avoiding these accommodation nightmares