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TOPUNIVERSITIES study abroad by date
How to Make the Most of Studying in London main image

Don’t sit at home whilst studying in London – find out how to make the most of your time in this amazing city!

13 Reasons to Study in Cornwall main image

Not just ideal for a seaside getaway, find out why Cornwall makes for an amazing study destination in the UK.

6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Studying an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science main image

Exposure to the latest innovations and networking opportunities at your fingertips - what’s it actually like studying an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science?

TOPUNIVERSITIES study abroad by date
10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Austria main image

From schnitzel to skiing, find out why you should definitely consider Austria for your study abroad destination.

How to Tell If a Career in Medical Physics Is Right for You main image

Here’s everything you need to know about working in medical physics.

6 Reasons Why France Should Be On Your Study Abroad List main image

Want to study abroad but not sure where? Find out why France could be your best choice.

international students

Find out which European universities offer the most diversity in their student body.

What to Expect When You Study in New Zealand main image

Want to study in New Zealand? Find out what you should prepare, and what you can look forward to!