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Articles with tag 'STEM subjects'

Are We Witnessing the Slow Death of the Creative Industries? main image
by Ella P.

As more and more students opt for STEM subjects, could creativity in education be on a downward spiral?

Why Indian Students Are Choosing to Study Abroad main image

Indian students are choosing to apply for universities abroad due to concerns about the level of academic freedom in their own country, according to a new QS report.

Scholarships for Women in Male-Dominated Industries main image

Various a range of scholarships for women wishing to pursue studies in male-dominated industries such as engineering and business.

Women in STEM: What It’s Like to Work for Google main image

A graduate from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology tells us about her experiences working for Google as a site reliability engineer.

Top Civil Engineering Schools with Employers in 2018 main image

Various the highest-ranked civil engineering schools with employers, based on the QS World University Content by Subject 2018.

Women in STEM: How Universities Can Fill The Gender Gap main image

What can universities do to encourage more women to remain and thrive in STEM fields? 

5 STEM Degrees With Amazing Career Prospects main image

Fancy working in a STEM-related field? You might want to consider choosing a degree which promises great job security.


Women in STEM: Meet the Brazilian Physics Grad Colliding Particles at CERN main image

Brenda Penante tells us about her love of physics, her career to date and what needs to be done to increase the number of women in STEM.