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Should You Be A Doctor or a Medical Physicist? main image

Find out whether a career in medical physics is right for you.

How to Study Medicine in Germany main image

Want to study medicine in Germany? Find out all you need to know about how to apply.

5 Signs You’ll Make a Great Doctor main image

Are you cut out for a career saving lives as a doctor? Read this piece to find out.


TOPUNIVERSITIES medicine by date
Meet the University Tackling China’s Biggest Public Health Challenges main image

A professor in China has received a US$900k award to help turn the tide on China’s biggest health challenges.

What it's Like to Study at the 10 Best Medical Schools in 2018 main image

Planning to study medicine? In this article, we take a closer look at the top 10 medical schools in the world and what it’s like to study at each institution.

Medical Scholarships Around the World main image

Preparing to apply for a medical degree? Various medical scholarships on offer around the world today.

What to Pack When Going to Medical School  main image

Make sure you've got everything you'll need for your medical studies.

Why You Should Study Medicine in Eastern Europe main image

Looking for the perfect destination to study medicine abroad? Find out why an Eastern European country could be the ideal choice.